3D Virtual Tours

I offer 3D virtual tours through two powerful tour engines, Matterport and Kuula, each with unique advantages for different needs.

Matterport – The most well known and most trusted in the industry, its strength lies in its speed of workflow. Realtors with hot listings need to go live quickly. A Matterport tour can be ready to post a mere few hours after shooting. It is best suited for real estate listings that need to be complete on extremely short deadlines.

Kuula – A less well known, but more powerful tour engine, it offers nearly endless customization, most notably the ability to incorporate aerial 3D imagery into the tour. It is best suited for long term tours, such as businesses looking to showcase their premises, and for real estate listings of $1 million or more, or those with spectacular views and/or landscaping.

Real Estate Listing Tour Powered by Kuula – This very recent tour was created for a high end lease listing in San Francisco. It features animation to showcase a swinging/convertible kitchen pantry, and covers extensively outside the unit on the rooftop pool deck

Architectural Tour Powered by Kuula – This is a higher end architectural tour powered by Kuula. This multi-day project is appropriate for architects, developers, and builders, or for realtors with listings over $5 million. Note: the customized “day/night” mode in the rear patio, as well as the interactive 3-D aerial views. A tour at this level requires several days of combined shooting and editing, as well as a higher budget than typical real estate tours.

Simple, Fast Matterport Tour – This basic Matterport tour was ready to post within hours of shooting.

Salon Draven — Beauty Salon Tour Powered by Kuula – This highly simplified type of tour is ideal for small business wishing to showcase their beautiful location and entice clients to visit.

Real Estate Listing, Tour Powered by Kuula – This tour was created for a larger home, but it was able to done relatively quickly. It’s a larger tour, but it’s also relatively simple. A good example of the simple elegance of Kuula. Make your way to the back patio to take flight and get the aerial images. This is a typical tour I offer for most listings, as it can be completed in 24 hours if the need arises.

Real Estate Listing, Tour Powered by Kuula – This tour was ready to go live within 24 hours after being shot. It incorporates an aerial 3D section, which is not possible with Matterport. The aerial in this tour is somewhat far away from the home due to the proximity to a local airport which prohibited me from flying any drones directly over the property. I include it in my portfolio because this is otherwise quite a typical tour I offer in my basic package.

Real Estate Listing, Tour Powered by Kuula – This Kuula tour was ready to go live about 48 hours after being shot. This is a highly complex tour, as it covers all of the common areas of a large apartment building including the pool, the gym, the courtyard, the walkways, and three aerial images. A few more bells and whistles, but again, this tour is not atypical of what I offer.